There are two ways to use the ventilation of the windmill, which is the local exhaust ventilation and the full dilution ventilation. How does these two ventilation modes work? Today Xiaobian specifically for everyone to introduce.
1. Local exhaust ventilation: Where the pollutant concentration divergence, divergent state is characterized by low pneumatic state, or pollutants to dust, smoke and other substances, the need for livestock fans placed in the air pumping place, enhance the ventilation effect.
2. Fully dilute ventilation
A full dilution of the ventilation system requires several livestock fans continue to smoke outside the clean air, continuous dispersion of the factory dirty, so that the production process of air pollutants evaporation and accumulation, not to reach the risk level or safety level. Therefore, the control method of dilution ventilation is suitable for the general divergence of pasture air pollutants rather than concentrated in several original points of the occasion, but also for local divergence has been scattered to the air after the occasion.