1, evaporative cooler pads fans of the fan and pump circuit should be combined control, control switch should be installed indoors. Before use, should ensure that the wet curtain and the pool without debris, clean 1 to 2 times a year; winter when not in use, the pool of water put the net, with a plastic cloth to the box dressing, to avoid debris into the machine.

2, involved in the pool of water should be clean water to keep evaporative cooler pads cold fan pipe dredge and wet curtain high power. If the wet curtain water supply is missing or uneven, to check the pool is not water (pool float valve can automatically replenish and water), the pump is not working and water supply pipes and water pump inlet, Whether the hole on the road is blocked, check the water pipe is not located in the middle of the wet curtain.

Evaporative cooler pads is a new era of choice: evaporative cooler pads cooler that wet curtain + fan vertical ventilation cooling system, is the most economical today, the most environmentally friendly cooling system. The working principle is: in the corrugated wet film surface with a thin layer of water film, when the outdoor dry hot fresh air by the opposite fan suction through the wet film, the air heat is absorbed by the water on the wet film and water Transpiration into the room, constitute a cool and humid air, people feel fresh.

Evaporative cooler pads
The chillers are installed outside the windows and walls, and are connected to the window or wall or wall. Chillers exports about higher, not straight blow the body. Before the device, first with a good welding brackets, the parameters of the standard, determined by the site site. Taking into account the maintenance of people into the machine when the safety, should use 40-50 angle.