I use the negative pressure wet curtain cooler for 3 years, the feeling is good. Here I am in accordance with the results of my use and rabbit breeding friends to share, I hope we can learn from, let our rabbit farming, more scientific and More effective.

Its principle is in a confined space using a larger power exhaust fan to the room to achieve a certain negative pressure, evaporative cooler pads is a very good permeability of the oil paper, above the sprinkler system, so that the wet paper covered with moisture, because the negative pressure The role of aspen evaporative cooler pads moisture will evaporate in the room endothermic, so as to achieve the effect of cooling

My use of the effect is such that the outdoor temperature of 41, and indoor humidity does not exceed 70, the maximum indoor temperature is 26 degrees, that is, my rabbit's temperature is generally not more than 26 degrees, many people will worry about the use of wet curtain So that the humidity of the rabbit is very large, the actual is the extra worry, as long as the outdoor humidity in the normal range, while the indoor do not use the wet curtain when not more than 65, the use of the process is not more than 75 humidity. When the afternoon outside the room temperature dropped to below 29 degrees, we can turn off the wet curtain water, fan run more than half an hour, it will drop the humidity, to the normal range.

Negative pressure wet curtain cooler installation is generally vertical, that is, the wet curtain installed in the longitudinal side, the other side of the installed fan, wet curtain and fan on the rabbit cage can be 20cm or so, the general height of the wet curtain is 1.4--1.8m, the fan diameter is generally 1.1-1.6m. 900 square meters of rabbit homes generally need to install four 1.1m diameter fan, BBB area of ??22-26 square, wet curtain thickness is 15cm, evaporative air cooler can achieve the appropriate cooling effect, if the rabbit room closed very well, indoor Outside the humidity is not very large case, it is best to achieve the effect of outdoor 42 degrees, indoor in the 23-24 degrees.

Many people worry about the power problem, which is not to worry about, the fan power is 4 1.5KW motor, relative to the air conditioning is insignificant, the effect is much better than air conditioning, because the rabbit is the freshest air, humidity is Very suitable. In such an environment, the normal breeding of rabbits is absolutely no problem, the effect of the appetite for the rabbit is almost negligible. But one thing to note is that in the wet curtain from the recent rabbit cage, relying on the side of the wet curtain with wood and other items to block the rabbit cage, so as not to wind too large, the rabbit cold sick. Rabbit wind speed generally do not exceed 0.3m per second, this is very important.