I. Overview
Absorption and purification tower is widely used in a variety of chemical, electrical and electronic, copper and zinc smelting, industrial production and so on a variety of areas of absorption, purification process, its various forms of structure, the application of more vertical packing tower and plate tower. With the development of science and technology, people began to pursue can be applied to various forms, various occasions, energy saving, efficient, automatic control of the absorption and purification equipment. In practical applications, due to the venue and space constraints, because the vertical purification tower is higher, larger, not suitable for installation.
I recently developed a new method of installation for the horizontal absorption of purification tower, reducing the height of space occupied, increasing the flexibility of the installation. The main harmful gases are sulfuric acid mist, hydrochloric acid mist, chromic acid mist, nitric acid mist, phosphoric acid mist, hydrofluoric acid mist, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and so on.
Second, the working principle
The gas outside the tower into the tower after the gas into the packing layer, the packing layer from the top of the spray liquid and the front of the spray liquid, and the formation of a layer of liquid film on the filler, the gas flow through the filler space, Contact with the filler liquid film and absorb or neutralize the reaction, after the absorption or neutralization of the gas after the demister collection, the outlet through the outlet outside the tower. The liquid on the liquid film flows into the tank under gravity and is withdrawn by the circulation pump.
Third, the structure and characteristics
The tower includes tower, liquid distributor, grille, packing layer, defogger, storage tank, various interfaces and observation holes and other accessories.
The new tower can be equipped with gas analyzer, PH control meter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure sensor, flow sensor, conductivity meter, level control meter, solenoid valve, inverter and control cabinet and other components of the control system. Automatic control device can monitor the working status of the product 24 hours a day to achieve automatic management.