Looks ordinary environmental air conditioning installation, in fact, is very particular about the technical, or will be prone to water leakage. Dongguan environmental air-conditioning installation, here Xiaobian particularly recommended Chang-run electrical and mechanical. According to the survey of the company's engineering units to install environmentally friendly air-conditioning sets of cooling has been 8 years, is quite experienced, the installation of professional technology is first class. Xiaobian below to share with you Xiaobian heard in the engineering sector to install environmentally friendly air conditioning matters needing attention.

Environmental air conditioning installed in the window, outside the wall, with the pipe interface and the window or wall hole connection, environmental air conditioning outlet as high as possible, not suitable for blowing directly to the human body, the installation of environmentally friendly air conditioning before welding angle bracket , Its size, which need to be determined according to the installation place, and with four screws to fix. Environmental air conditioning should be more than 30CM away from the wall, so as not to enter the side of the wet evaporative cooler pad air flow blocked. Environmental air conditioning ventilation mode is a horizontal and vertical two, horizontal ventilation airflow cross-sectional area, wind speed is small, this way easy to make airflow ventilation dead angle affect the cooling quality, relative to the vertical ventilation flow over-flow Area is small, wind speed, air flow dead area is much smaller. So in general, professional engineers will give priority to the best use of vertical ventilation cooling the best way, which I learned in Changrun mechanical and electrical engineering master who, here I have a purse granted. Changrun mechanical and electrical professional attitude has won numerous market recognition of new and old customers, Changrun committed to the development of environmental protection air-conditioning installation, ventilation and cooling throughout the industry is very famous.