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Livestock fan ventilation requirements

Le 8 mai 2017, 17:12 dans Humeurs 0

Animal husbandry fan in the life will be common to its shadow, its main function 
is ventilation, then in different occasions, animal husbandry, ventilation and 
ventilation of the time requirements of what?

1, the general environmental requirements of the number of livestock fans 
ventilation for about 28 hours each time;

2, in crowded places, ventilation time for about 35 hours each time;

3, there are heating equipment production workshop, livestock fan ventilation time 
for 45 hours each time;

4, livestock fan ventilation time in the high temperature and pollution of the 
workshop, for 55 hours each time;

5, in the more humid areas of the number of livestock ventilation ventilation to 
the appropriate increase, and vice versa to the corresponding reduction.

Performance characteristics of industrial humidifier

Le 22 avril 2017, 11:26 dans Humeurs 0

Industrial humidifier performance characteristics:
1, automatic protection of water, longer life, more secure.

2, continuous fog, up to 8 hours, long life.

3, industrial humidifier using antimicrobial active materials, humidification increased by 30%.

4, silver ion efficient sterilization moisturizing, greatly improve the humidification fog. Automatic protection of water, longer life, more secure.

5, effectively enhance the human skin moisture, promote good health.

6, industrial humidifier unique silent valve device, humidification more quiet.

7, simple fashion design, aesthetics streamline lines.

Environmental protection air conditioning new ideas

Le 17 avril 2017, 17:52 dans Humeurs 0

Since the invention of air conditioning so far more than a century, people follow the traditional way of using air conditioning at the same time, with the continuous advancement of human science and technology and people's growing quality of life continues to improve, air conditioning has become increasingly popular with families, offices , Shopping malls and other places, at the same time brought a series of problems, such as energy consumption is too large, air conditioning disease, rheumatism, ozone damage. In the high degree of emphasis on sustainable economic development today, air conditioning is facing a series of tests, such as air-conditioning energy-saving, comprehensive utilization of resources, indoor air quality and comfort, green low-carbon applications and environmental protection, air conditioning Price and service life, etc., the global scope of efficient, energy saving, environmental protection, air conditioning research has now been a very good development.

Now we recommend an energy-saving environmental protection air-conditioning, the main unique nature:

1, the distribution of three air volume;

2, from top to bottom automatic air supply, arbitrary choice, air supply area;

3, negative ions to clean the air more healthy;

4, special fiber wet paper, independent moisturizing function, dry weather to enjoy moisture;

5, automatic curtain design, shut down automatically shut down the wind window, to prevent dust intrusion, cleaner and healthy;

6, a new generation of removable anti-mildew dust filter to protect the evaporation efficiency, improve the cooling effect, cleaning more convenient and more healthy;

7, universal casters are free to move.

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